Footed egg cups

Shoe Shoe footed egg cups
made in Hong Kong, c.1970s

I collect – and love- Carlton Ware, as you know from all your avid reading of my posts to date. Carlton Ware produced ‘Walkingware’ teapots, cups, salt & pepper shakers – you name it – in 1973. Very beautifully crafted crockery items on two legs, often with jaunty socks or stocking or with great shoes. Some static, some running.

I don’t have any Walkingware. It’s now far too expensive for my meager budget.

So – when I came across these plastic ‘Shoe Shoe’ [fabulous name, no?] egg cups from Hong Kong – I had to collect them. I have four black, and two red egg cups in this set, one in its original box. It is my love of kitsch, and my appreciation for a good knock-off when I see one that led to this collection.

And they are practical to boot! Won’t break when you wash ‘em. That sturdy plastic will outlast us all.

For sale: $AUD30

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6 thoughts on “Footed egg cups

    • hi afacette…yes, alas, should have collected carlton ware when it was considered daggy in the 80s. but i do like the kitschness of these egg cups – the socks and shoes are a pretty close match to the C.W. in patterning and at least you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking them!

    • yes- i have ‘salad ware’ (flowery patterns) carlton ware – will post some soonish- too. but google walking ware- it was made in the 70s- it’s lovely but highly collectible (>>>$) now.

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