Hanimex Hanorama ‘300’ slide projector

Hanimex Hanorama ‘300’ slide projector
made in Australia c.1966

When I started this blog [five months ago] I had some Hanimex slide viewers [see post, way, way below.]  I love slide viewers because my father was a photographer and lots of my childhood – and indeed other people’s childhoods and landscapes and tourist shots- were recorded on slides. We’d have slide nights at home where slide after slide was projected onto a white wall, accompanied by beer and chips. What larks!

Ok, back to my point. Since I started this blog – with the intention of showcasing my collection and trying to sell some of it- I have had to- HAD to – buy slide projectors. They just came to me. I am a slide projector MAGNET. I now have four. In perfect, slide-projecting, order. This is the fourth. Isn’t she a beauty?

Lens: f=2.8/ 85mm. Lamp: 300 W, BA 15S short envelope lamp; still available today.

And for some reason, like all my other projectors, it comes with a Kodachrome slide from its last owners.

For sale: $AUD125

Buy Now

6 thoughts on “Hanimex Hanorama ‘300’ slide projector

  1. This is fantastic! I have tons of slides of myself and my parents as a child that I can’t view anymore b/c we don’t have a projector. I came across one in a thrift store and contemplated buying it and now that I see this I am wondering if I should go back.

  2. alex, you should go back and get it! check to see there is no corrosion near the lamp…and then do a quick google of the projector to see if you can still buy replacement bulbs. got to be able to use the thing! you’ll probably have to take the lens out and give it a good clean. and then…you can bore your friends & family with slide nights! let me know what you decide- but beware- you could end up a projector hoarder like myself!

  3. I have fond memories of watching slide shows with my parents and grandparents in a darkened living room – there was a distinct “click” switching from one to the next and an appreciative/predictable ah! from the viewers when the new slide came up.

    That is an attractively little camera.

    • a great memory! all those great slides. it’s a different way to experience family photographs…which will be lost without these machines. luckily, bulbs are still available and we can still bore people senseless!

    • they are pretty funky, aren’t they? and i have thousands of slides from family life in the 60s and 70s – and my architectural studies/travel in the 80s to view. you, however, could bring a contemporary vibe to shooting slides.

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