Fowler Ware pudding bowls & jug [sold]

Fowler Ware pudding bowls & jugFowler Ware nested pudding bowls and jug
made in Australia, c.1940s

This is some more of my Fowler Ware collection. You might remember that Fowler Ware originally started producing industrial pottery [think toilet bowls, basins and ceramic pipes] in Glebe, Sydney commencing in the 1840s. After WWII, Fowler Ware moved to producing pottery for the domestic market : and their pudding bowls were so popular that they opened a second pottery to cope with the demand.

These three bowls ‘nest’ one inside the other and they are beautiful 50s colours. They are still good for pudding making- as I can attest personally, having consumed many fine puddings [but not made, alas – my skills don’t extend to pudding making.] The jug is of the same vintage…and makes a nice colour contribution to the trio of bowls.

For sale: $AUD75

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