Coasters, coasters, coasters

made in Australia, c.1960s

Three fabulously kitsch coaster sets. What’s not to love?

  1. Bakelite coasters with built in ashtray. Four beautiful colours, never been used [phew! am I right?] De Luxe, says so on the box. Lighted cigarette not included.
  1. Tuckerbox dog souvenir coasters. Australians will be familiar with this famous monument in Gundagai, an important part of New South Wales folklore.
  2. Fish-shaped coasters with Sydney vistas [circa 1963] – two different views of the Opera House, and two of the Harbour Bridge. The fish motif seems strangely apt.

You – and three friends – can enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane. A must for your next [small- shall we say intimate?] cocktail party!

For sale: $AUD55

Buy Now

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