Peter Pan madeleine tray [sold]

Peter Pan madeleine trayPeter Pan madeleine baking tray
made in Australia, c.1940-1950s.

Another popular bake-ware collectible…a madeleine baking tray. Peter Pan was a registered trade mark, making aluminium cookware in Australia in the 40s, but doesn’t seem to have survived much past the 50s. The Peter Pan logo has been incised into the aluminium itself.

A madeleine is traditionally shell-shaped, so a moulded pan is necessary. This french butter cake is sponge-like, somewhat between a cake and a biscuit. There is some dispute about the origin of the madeleine name- but most people agree that the cake came into being mid 18th century. My good friend Mary reminded me of the connection between madeleines and Proust…a very nice literary reference.

The pan has a convenient hanging hole in one corner, so it hangs at a jaunty 45 degree angle. I have seen French provincial kitchens with walls covered in such pans…and indeed modern New York apartments that use them as a sort of three-dimensional wall covering. So handy to have a baking tray that doubles as an ornament, and a nice retro one at that.

For sale: $AUD35

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