50s souvenir ware

Studio Anna souvenir dishes, made in Sydney, Australia c.1953
Coronet souvenir dishes, made in Sydney, Australia c.1954

I am particularly drawn to kitsch pottery that has landscape or botanical images…souvenir ware from the 50s is right up my street! I have posted Studio Anna pottery previously- you might remember that its pottery was situated right near where I now live, in inner-Sydney.

The first three dishes- to the left of the image -are by Studio Anna; the Cornet plates are the funky blue plate with flannel flowers, and the shell-shaped dish which features a eucalypt flower. Coronet pottery was a small pottery that operated in Sydney between the wars.

The topmost dish, with a funky 50s hotel image [pool side perspective] is inscribed ‘Hayman Island’, which is a popular tourist destination in Queensland. The round, green dish under Hayman Island is inscribed “Lilac Time, Goulburn’ – Goulburn being a small country town between Sydney and Canberra, and the last landscape dish is a view of ‘Hobart’. Having never been to Australia’s island state, I can’t attest to its 1950s accuracy, but it’s what I image Hobart would have [perhaps still does?] look like.

For Studio Anna collectors, Coronet enthusiasts, or souvenir ware devotees – this collection is for sale: $AUD145

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17 thoughts on “50s souvenir ware

  1. Your collection of australiana pieces are so varied and delightful. These holiday momentos are all the more charming for being kitsch.

  2. The uppermost left piece, the scene of the hotel pool, is just unreal. Not only did the maker create a landscape in the shape of a “fish” – but also distorted the perspective to make one think they’re looking through that painted scene from the “body of a fish” perspective. Amazing!

    • patricia….you’re right! it’s a funky 50s perspective that makes the most of a very ordinary hotel. i don’t know how many (hand-painted) scenes the maker made, but kinda suspect the last one of the day would be verging on pyschedelia!

  3. Coronet pottery was owned and run by my father after the wars. He immigrated to Australia in 1949. He has since been awarded an OAM for his contribution to the arts and has released a book on the technical side of pottery making. He is now 86 and lives in Western Australia. I have the blue piece amongst my collection.

    • andrea- how wonderful to hear from you! i admire coronet pottery very much, and it’s great to have more details about its origin. AND i’m very envious of your collection! would you send me the name of your father’s book? i’d like to look it up. thanks!

    • Andrea
      I have over 100 pieces of Coroner Pottery in my collection and have just contacted the Australia Museum Canberra to see if they are interested in doing a display. It would be great to talk to you.

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