Retro office equipment

Dymo label makers, # 1780, made in USA c.1972
Teledex index, made in Melbourne, Australia c.1970
Date stamp, made in Australia, sometime in the C20th

Retro office equipment- for real work, or just for fun! The 70s orange Dymo ‘1780’ label makers come with labelling tape – they take 3/8” tape [9mm] – so you can get labelling straight away.  The Dymo tape is still available today; most larger stationery shops stock it. One label maker comes complete with its original box and full instructions. You can see the font type of the ‘1780’; just click on the image and look at the black label adorning the label maker on the left. The label is accurate it’s….FUN…FUN!

The mustard-coloured Teledex is bakelite, and comes complete with ‘unused’ pale blue file inserts. Very 70s! No retro inspired office should be without one. Sure, everyone keeps telephone numbers on their mobile phones nowadays…but how much fun is it to zip that little knob up and down and push the button to spring open the index? I could do it all day.

And no collection would be complete without a date stamp. Stamp like its 1999!      For sale: $AUD95

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15 thoughts on “Retro office equipment

  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane with this post. It seems only yesterday that these objects were an essential part of any office. I like that you have given the dymo and teledex a new lease of life as objects of fun.

    • thanks maxicatt! i think the objects have a function, but are also fun to use. it’s the fun physicality that i respond to….touch phones just don’t have the same ‘fun’ factor!

    • i figured you would…you love a bit of old school stuff! isn’t it great you can still get the tape? and i found an old stationery shop in summer hill that STILL sells the teledex inserts!

  2. Comment remettre le rouleau de tape dans le Dymo 1780? Je viens de le retrouver dans un tiroir.J’ai le tape orange et un refil brun.

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