This is a collection from my travels over the last ten years. Retro things that appeal to me are: well designed, representative of their era, and have a nostalgic / kitsch / quirky quality. I like to display these retro pieces in my home & drawing studio – either as art pieces, or repurposed with a new function. I have an eclectic aesthetic, and am often accused of being a maximalist.

This blog has a twofold aim : the first is to  showcase my collection, and to receive some form of validation~ I welcome comments and questions and advice from other avid collectors. I’d also like to sell parts of my collection – obviously only in order to make room for more collections. Once a collector – always a collector!

31 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. hi ruskin days, & thanks. i am very much enjoying your blog – it’s clear you are somewhat fond of kitsch and it’s more glamorous cousin, vintage. keep up the good work! edwina

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! I’m so glad you did, because that led me to YOUR blog, which is full of amazing items! I’m following, and totally looking forward to peeking into your collection! 🙂

  3. Thanks for following my blog.
    Your teapots are original I believe which makes them vintage rather than retro. They’re still absolutely fab though! And have you ever noticed that tea tastes million times better from a proper beautiful teapot?

    • i am pleased to have discovered your blog…and i look forward to seeing you incorporate retro stuff into your interior design. that whole retro/vintage debate is so fraught- i think it’s easier to use ‘retro’ and not antagonise anybody. and yep- the tea tastes better- possibly because the retro teapot lends a certain glamour to the ocassion!

  4. Hi, what you’ve said in your ‘welcome’ post is more or less about me… right? heh..
    I however like new stuff as well, modern, etc… it just have to have that ‘something’ for me.. its like felling in love.. you dont really know the reason, it just happens 😉

  5. Hi there, I have just nominated you for a Super Sweet blog award. Thanks for sharing your interesting insights into your world. Lot’s of visual interest to feast on.

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