Kitsch vases [sold]

50s kitsch vasesKitsch vases

These vases are ‘extreme’ kitsch. It’s entirely possible I am the only person in the world who likes them. Certainly their manufacturer was reticent to put their name to the vases…they are all unmarked.

The vases look even better when bright, garish flowers are added…the weird juxtaposition of a rearing horse holding flower stems in its front legs is hilarious. That’s why I like kitsch…it’s often –unwittingly- very funny.

For all your kitsch needs….For sale: $AUD75

5 thoughts on “Kitsch vases [sold]

  1. I love them too, only in recent years though. Before that I was all “there’s cool kitsch and there’s plain old daggy” 🙂 I felt the same way about the big 3-tier wooden pineapple fruit stand thing my grandmother had when I was young. I actually asked my dad for it the other day (it had been in his garage) and he said he had dropped it and it broke so he binned it 😦

  2. ha! i know what you mean….kitsch can have several incantations before it is lovely once more. i would have loved to see the pineapple fruit stand…anything to do with pineapples is good; what a shame about it’s sad demise. but…one can always keep an eye open for another….!

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  4. giggle, they are very gaudy (especially the horse) The flamingo makes me feel like I should of bought it at a souvenier shop from Florida,U.S.A. (they sell lots of shell garbage and flamingo stuff in that state!) Amazing what we decide to like later in our years 🙂

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