One Lovely Blog Award

Patricia from artdoesmatter nominated my blog for this award. Thanks Patricia!

The award requires that I describe 7 [random] facts about myself; that I nominate a number of other blogs that I think should win the One Lovely Blog Award, and to link back to the person who nominated me.  So here goes:

Patricia is an artist and writer, and she runs her own design business.  She works in metal & graphic design, and her blog explores her experiences in the the world of art and craft where she lives, in Philadelphia.  I love Patricia’s silver lockets- checkout her post and images of the locket on ‘Making New Work’  –

I developed my love of bakelite when I began making resin pieces…I was researching the history of plastics. I discovered Xylonite at the same time [first thermoplastic, developed 1869] – will appear on blog in due course. In between being a landscape architect and a collector, I teach landscape design at university. When I’m not doing any of that, I paint and sew. And renovate my house.  I am an insomniac.

Here’s my nominees for the award. It was tough being limited to 15, and they are in no particular order:

Scrap and Salvage Blog

inkomplete design

The Nostalgia Exchange

Obsolescence Project

Urban Rustic


Retro Eco Chic

Forever Bound Art

The Artful Blog

Antique Owl

One Rusty Nail

The Fabulous Scavenger



Gracious good blog


15 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Edwina, thank you so much for the lovely mention. You’ve described above what I do better than anything I could’ve ever written myself! I’m enjoying your blog so much, and look forward to seeing even more of the wonderful “re:retro” objects you write about!

    • patricia thank YOU for the award nomination and for your glimpse into your work and the arts in philadelphia! great blogs like yours are little treasures – opening up new worlds.

  2. Edwina,
    That your keen collector’s eye took notice of our blog is an honor. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments and support. I love all things retro and thoroughly enjoy perusing your posts!

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