Blue Diana pottery

Blue Diana pottery
made in Sydney, Australia c.1950s

Regular visitors to this blog are already familiar with my interests in Diana Pottery- which has been described as Sydney’s most prolific post-war pottery. I collect in colour ranges, and here we see the 50s blues…a lidded casserole dish featuring Blue Dampiera [Dampiera stricta, a common plant of the Sydney heath community] a scroll-handled baking dish [see post below for more scroll-ware pieces] and two blue condiment bowls.

Like other Sydney post-war potteries, Diana started producing work with Australian themes, particularly employing hand-painted flowers. The painter often left an identifying number painted on the base, as is the case with this Blue Dampiera dish.

The blue pieces – employing the same blue hue – work well together. The casserole dish served as a lolly-container in my office for some time – it seems a pity to use it for boring casseroles!      For sale: $AUD85

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6 thoughts on “Blue Diana pottery

  1. It is fascinating to see regional – let alone international- differences in collectibles of the 50s. australia in the post war period was trying to differentiate itself from the mother country [england] and was experimenting with australiana themes.

  2. Diana pottery comes in so many colours and designs, the blue is lovely. Though I have to say that the green and brown pieces in your styling retro post are still my favourite.

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