Repurposing retro

Jason ‘Model Made’ kitchen canisters
made in Australia c.1958

These ‘harlequin’ [multi-coloured] anodised aluminum canisters were bought by my partner’s family in 1958– they had pride of place in the kitchen, and were lovingly polished every Saturday. Now they sit in my sewing studio and contain my sewing notions – buttons, zips, cotton – with not so much polishing.

The large Flour canister and the smallest Coffee canister represent a time when coffee was a far less important commodity than flour- I think you could argue that it’s the other way around in our world. The canisters have bakelite handles, which is a lovely touch. The letter designations on the side are unusually decorative for a 50s product – but I find myself using the bright colours to remember where I store my buttons.

Retro canisters have been collectible for quite a while, and I recently saw a Model Made set for sale for over $250. However, my partner refuses to part with them, and they are a bright and useful addition to my studio.

16 thoughts on “Repurposing retro

  1. I would refuse to part with them too! especially knowing where they came from and because they are so perfectly complete! I have such an oddball collection of these, love them to bits still!

  2. an odd-set is lovely in it’s own, eccentric way, but it IS nice to have an original, complete set. and knowing the history adds to it too. how do you use your canisters?

  3. These canisters are amazing! I have enjoyed looking through your blog. It is good to know that there are people all over the world who are drawn to beautiful vintage items and also the thrill of the hunt! I especially love the gorgeous Australian pottery from your collection.

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