Princess radio / phonogram

Princess portable AM radio & phonograph, model # RPH-210
runs from mains AC 240 volt and takes 4 x c size batteries; takes a ‘diamond’ needle

I am unsure where this machine was made, and in what year – but someone out there will know. The housing is made from timber, and all the working parts are steel. The radio dial is a funky, transparent plastic and will find an AM station from 5-16!

The sound quality is a little tinny – as the speakers are housed in the body of the system and the machine needs a new stylus. It can handle both 33 and 45 records, and while the battery housing has lost its little cover the rest of the machine in good working order.

I bought the ‘Princess’ soon after the ‘Jetset’ [see post – way, way below] because the appeal of playing vinyl, anywhere – at a picnic in the park for example- appealed to me. I have collected vinyl [records, that is] from when it wasn’t considered collecting and playing my old records is  both joyous and hilarious. Always good for a laugh!

For sale: $AUD75

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4 thoughts on “Princess radio / phonogram

  1. I remember trucking my 45’s and my record player to my girlfriends house when I was a kid. We’d listen to records all day long. Such good memories, finding the record you wanted to hear and waiting to play it. Good times our kids will never, ever know in that same way.

  2. hi Octavia. i remember whole days consumed listening to records too. but i hear vinyl is making a comeback, with people who swear the sound is superior to a digital recording. you know the scratches, the jumps, the repetitions of the needle stuck in the groove…you simply can’t replicate that on digital! and the princess offers all this and more!

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