Bessemer butter dishes & sugar bowls [sold]

Bessemer butter and sugar bowlsBessemer butter dishes and sugar bowls
made in Melbourne, c. 1970s

Here are some more Bessemer wares, further to my post below [where I admitted to having a little bit of a Bessemer collection.] These dishes and bowls came in yellow, green, blue, orange and russet brown [that ‘70s’ brown] so along with plates and cups and saucers, you could mix and match your tableware.

Bessemer is now quite collectible,  and I have seen some incredible prices on them in ‘antique’ shops. I’m not sure I can come at the idea of retro collectibles being antiques, but clearly others can. Bessemer rates a mention in Adrian Franklin’s Retro: A Guide to the mid-20th Century Design Revival [2011, NewSouth Publishing] which my lovely friends J & L gave to me for my birthday- a fantastic resource, reference and source of eye-candy. Thanks J & L!

For sale: $AUD120

6 thoughts on “Bessemer butter dishes & sugar bowls [sold]

  1. I LOVE bessemer wares! I have a little bit of a collection going, including several of those sugar bowls in just about every colour, its def an addictive sorepoint of mine!

    • i would love to see your bessemer collection….in every colour…and stay tuned for a couple more bessemer posts of mine. it is indeed an obsession….edwina

  2. Love these, I have the avocado & blue. Interesting point about collectibles versus antiques, they will be the antiques of the future though I guess.
    If an antique is something more than 100 years old [i just googled the meaning, because I realised I wasn’t able to define it] then I can think of sooo many so-called ‘Antique’ shops which would be lucky to have one or two amongst their masses of collectibles…Its almost false advertising, isn’t it?

  3. thanks sandy, i kinda thought you might have bessemer stuff! and it is interesting.. the whole antique vs vintage vs retro debate. in the end perhaps it’s good design and functionality that wins out – gotta know how to spot that.

  4. I love these sugar bowls too. I thought 4 was enough – avocado green, mustard yellow, orange & pale blue – until I discovered one in the most beautiful rich blue yesterday. Surely everyone needs 5 sugar bowls? Then I discovered that there is a pink one…

    • hi katy- i have seen just the one dark blue bessemer butter dish – in all my travels -and have NEVER seen a pink one! i will keep my eye out~ thanks for the heads up!

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