Miscellaneous green pottery [sold]

Diana vase, Beswick jugMiscellaneous green pottery
Beswick Ware & English Ware, made in England, c.1940s, and Diana, made in Australia, c.1950s

The Beswick Ware jug to the top left of the image is a late example of art deco pottery. It is not marked as Beswick but it is a known example of this pottery maker. The square serving bowl in the foreground is marked –  L & S Sons Ltd, Hanley English Ware. A great deal of English Ware in this series had a raised floral design, and it came in muted yellows or greens, like this bowl.

The oval vase with embossed flower is by Diana,  is marked V153 [Vase # 153] and it’s typically 50s with its pastel colours and contrasting ‘throat’ colour. The oval plate next to it is also by Diana, is lustreware, and it’s marked S83 [Serving plate #83.]

The four pieces have each come from other parts of my collection – on occasion I like to style pottery based on form, or size, or as in this case- colour.    For sale: $AUD85

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