70s Marine Opal

70s marine opal70s ‘Marine Opal’
made in Australia 1970s

My collection rarely ventures into the 70s- but I had to make an exception for this: an owl letter holder and a teapot trivet both displaying ‘marine opal’ [aka polished abalone shell, aka Paua shell for New Zealand readers.]

The owl letter holder has a stand behind for the letters [not seen in the image] and terrible doggerel [thankfully not seen in the image]:

“Your letters here
Just stand in view
Reminding you of
Friends so true.”

That was the 70s people! Both pieces were ‘crafted’ by Crystal Craft- the trivet notes on the back that the ‘marine opal’ was “taken by divers from the Pacific.” No word on who wrote the terrible poem.

For all your 70s needs- this collection is for sale: $AUD55

50s black & white spots

50s b&w spotsBlack and white spots
made in Australia 1950s

Today’s collection comes from a friend- who has been collecting 50s spotted ceramics and glassware since she was a design student in the 70s. No-one was collecting spotty things then- and she cleaned up! Now of course every one recognises 50s things as soon as a spot is sighted.

Maisie’s b&w spotty collection contains:

  • a handled jug and matching spoon
  • salt and pepper shakers
  • a handled dish and
  • a glass footed vase.

All pieces were made in Australia, and all are unmarked- not unusual in 50s pieces. Each piece is in great condition without cracks or chips [click on the image for a zoom image]- and are for sale: $AUD95.

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50s compact

Stratton compactStratton 50s compact
made in England

This compact is a beauty- in fantastic condition- and featuring Alexandra Danilova and Frederick Franklin dancing in Coppelia on the front. [This information thoughtfully provided on a label inside the compact.] The compact is gold-coloured chrome and comes with mirror, gauze and puff intact.

The compact is made by Stratton who specialised in gold-toned compacts in the 50s and 60s.

For ballet and compact collectors alike! The compact is for sale: $AUD50

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Peanuts collectibillia

Peanuts collectibilliaPeanuts collectibillia
made in Australia, Hong Kong, USA

For the Peanuts collectors out there, here we have:

  • Snoopy letter/envelope writing set, made by Hallmark; Melbourne, Victoria 1958
  • Linus ‘Try it…you’ll like it’ figurine, made by Aviva; Hong Kong 1970
  • Snoopy and Woodstock jug, made by Peanuts Characters Corp; USA 1965.

Add to/update your Peanuts collection now…or buy for that special someone for Christmas! This set is in tip-top condition and is for sale: $AUD60

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Hooray for Hollywood!

Hollywood vase #91Hollywood vase
made in Sydney Australia, 1950s

This fantastic vase, made by Hollywood in the 50s- has distinct deco styling but mid-century modernist colouring. Like many Australian vases made in the 50s it has a textured glaze exterior and a smooth glazed interior- a light grey outside and a deep yellow inside.

The light grey exterior is extremely complementary to a contemporary interior- the wall here is painted in Dulux ‘Whisper White’- an off-white colour featured in many homes.

The vase is signed ‘Hollywood V91’ [for vase #91.] Hollywood was a small post-war pottery factory in Sydney with a relatively small output- it’s quite rare to come across Hollywood vases now-a-days. The vase is in great condition and is for sale: $AUD90

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Christmas- 70s style

Christmas sign & nativity sceneChas Clarkson store Christmas sign, made in Sydney 1970s
Plastic nativity scene, made in Hong Kong 1970s

Chas Clarkson has been making retail signs in Sydney since 1900- after arriving from England where the company was established in 1893. The company is still producing retail signage today.

This retail sign is a 1970s reproduction from an old Chas Clarkson issue from the 40s- I like that that company is referencing its own back catalogue. The sign came from a shop and has suffered a little from its annual outing in the front window- you can see the wear marks on the right hand side of the sign.

The plastic nativity scene [complete with halos on everybody, ‘Gloria’ held by an angle on the stable roof and suspicious pine “christmas” trees] is very kitschy and very 70s.

For 70s aficionados and lovers of kitschy Christmas ornaments, this collection is for sale: $AUD45

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Knitted Christmas

Knitted Christmas baublesHipster Christmas decorations
made in Sydney, Australia

How cool are these Christmas baubles? Hand-knitted – in pure Australian wool- these decorations will lend your Christmas tree some real hipster cred.

Made by a lovely Nanna using a 1970 knitting pattern, this set of 20 baubles is both environmentally sustainable and – quite hilarious. Environmentally sustainable because she used her left over wool pieces, and hilarious because she used her left over wool pieces [~not so much the red and green or tinselly colours.]

You’ve seen the urban art of knitted wraps around trees and poles – now see the knitted Christmas decorations! Christmas just got 1970 crafty!

The set of 20 [all different] Christmas baubles is for sale: $AUD40 [all proceeds to Nanna]

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50s Golden Fleece

Wembley Ware Golden Fleece dishWembley Ware ‘Golden Fleece’ merino
made in Perth, Australia 1950s

Wembley Ware pottery operated from 1946 to 1961 in Perth, Western Australia – and produced a “Fancy Ware Range” featuring Australian flora and fauna. I particularly like this merino dish because it’s an early example of advertising ware AND Australiana.

The Golden Fleece service stations operated across Australia from 1913 to the 1970s- and you guessed it- their logo was a gold merino sheep. Golden Fleece was the first single-branded service station, with a bright yellow sheep atop each petrol pump. The sheep was modeled on a certain ‘David of Dalkeith’- a Royal Agricultural Show winner in 1952.

I know all this due to a) Wembley Ware being highly collectible and having a number of fan sites – as well as its own facebook page- and b) Golden Fleece memorabilia is also very collectible and having a renaissance of sorts at the moment.

The dish is in great condition; zoom on the image and see the shiny gilt of the merino! I have seen the same dish for sale an antique shop for $165- but for you, gentle reader- the Golden Fleece dish is for sale for $AUD95.

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40s Apprentic piece

Apprentice piece miniature bookcaseApprentice piece miniature bookcase
made in Australia, c1940s

Isn’t this a beauty? Designed to hang on the wall with brass fittings on the back, this oak miniature bookcase is an apprentice piece. It wasn’t until I photographed it that I realised the bookcase is in the shape of a stylised dog.

The last owner of the piece has used Dynamo labels for whatever collection used to grace the shelves. I’ve left the tape- quite a nice addition – and styled the shelves with some of my own miniature collection [some of which have featured previously on this blog.] The napkin rings and egg cups give you an idea of the scale of the shelves.

The solid oak timber is in good condition, as are all the timber joints and fixings- the apprentice having done an excellent job. The brass hanging fittings are ready to take two screws fitted into a wall- it’s ready to hang.

The apprentice piece is for sale- and would suit a dog-loving miniature collector! $AUD225

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60s slide projector

Elmo slide projectorElmo slide projector CV
made in Japan 1960

Looking like a cross between a space ship and a mix-master- this slide projector is the quintessential expression of 60s machinery.

Elmo-the ‘Electricity Light Machine Organisation’ [a very futuristic name, especially when said in a robotic voice] was founded in 1921 and made its first projector in 1936. They are still in production today.

This slide projector is pristine- it comes in a plastic case and its original box, has a working bulb and has been tested and tagged. It has a bakelite switch and plug [adding considerably to its charm] – and a single feed slide changer. The body of the projector slides open to accept the slide changer- it’s quite simply beautifully engineered and made.

For all your futuristic slide night needs- the projector is for sale: $AUD125

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